Gaming Rules

1. Bonus gives special bonus on multiple bets according to the number of events inserted into the Bet slip. All the odds selected will be valid for the purpose of obtaining the bonus. The calculation of the bonus stands in multiply the potential winning to the percentage of bonus according to the number of selected events.

2. Flattening reserves the right to limit the maximum payout potential bet or system. If the Player exceeds this limit, an instant message inside the coupon will make it informed of that fact and, in the event that the Player accepts this condition, however, the payout will be determined based on the limit just shown to the Player before of further confirmation. The potential winnings are then displayed on the bet slip or the bets list showed in the Player’s gaming account.

3. Rounding

Stakes: The player is allowed to stake whole amounts or amounts made of two decimal digits at the most. For System bets and Automatic Betting Systems, which allow the Player to enter the total stake and not a specific stake per combination, the application splits up the total amount staked selecting the approximate value. Although the amount is rounded, the calculation of the payout reflects the effective amount staked, the payout is based on the following formula:

(OddOdd….*Odd) * Stake + Bonus.

Payout: The rounding of payouts (potential winning, final winning, Integral and Parlay systems winning) is applied on the second decimal digit according to the following rule: simplifying a number to a certain place value, the extra decimal places drop and if the second dropped digit is 5 or greater, round up the last digit kept. If the second dropped digit is 4 or smaller, round down (keep the same) the last digit kept.

4. Programmings

Dates and times published by have a purely indicative value. If the date or time of an event is not correct, bets placed prior to the actual event will be considered valid, while those placed after the beginning of the same will be considered void. In the case of multiple bets, canceled the event will be allocated the odd 1.0. In this case, multiple bets are considered valid even if it should fail the minimum number of required events. will not be liable for any errors in respect of bets including where: (i) has incorrectly stated the relevant odds/spreads/handicap/totals/Cash Out amount; (ii) continues to accept bets on closed or suspended markets; (iii) incorrectly calculates or pays a settlement amount; or (iv) any error occurs in pay tables included or in any game or product used.

5. Voiding of Events and Bets

In the event that a match is officially postponed or interrupted (unless it is stated differently in some sports), the bets will be considered valid if the event itself will be taken up and completed by 24 hours , depending on to local time. If the sports event does not take place in the time frame specified, or at the location indicated , or if one of the participants did not take part , the bet is considered “Void”. An event that is interrupted for any reason (even at the last minute) and not be resumed and completed within the time frame indicated , shall be voided (unless it is stated differently in some sports). If a match of any sport is suspended during extra time , all bets will be valid at the regular time . When an event will be considered null and void , in the list of bets will appear ” void ” , and the relative odd is 1.

6. Results

A bet is considered Won or Lost when the result of the events are confirmed and defined. Results at the table, or any type determined by the disciplinary authority, will not be taken into account. is reliable for the publishing of results, a dedicated team is in charge of the collecting and defining the Results consulting reliable feeds.

7. Value of odds

All the odds available on are constantly updated. The odd selected by the Player is valid from the time of confirmation of the bet. can decide to change the odds of an event without notice. However, if a player had selected it before the change, the system generates a message asking to the Player if he/she wants to accept the updated odd or if he/she wants to remove it from the coupon..

8. Other issues

For each case not covered by these rules or by the contents of the website, reserves the right to decide for themselves. For any dispute the jurisdiction shall be considered to reserves the right to decide for themselves. For any dispute the jurisdiction shall be considered to Sousse by Sousse law enforcement.

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