Cancellations, Suspensions and Closure

1. Without restricting our ability to rely on other remedies that may be available to us, we may suspend and/or terminate your account, cancel any outstanding bets and/or confiscate any or all funds in your account at our absolute discretion if:
(i) we suspect that you are engaging in money laundering, illegal or other fraudulent activity while using our Website; or
(ii) we suspect that you are depositing funds which have been obtained unlawfully or in a clearly and seriously debase manner; or
(iii) we obtain evidence that you are part of a betting syndicate where several parties are involved in placing bets in order to evade the Sportsbook Rules, these Terms and Conditions or any other rules of; or
(iv) we determine that you are using any device, robot, spider, software, routine or other method (or anything in the nature of the foregoing) to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal proper functioning of our services, any relevant device(s), software, the Website, the casino games, the sportsbook and betting information or any transactions offered on the Website and in particular will not employ or make use of any artificial intelligence or other system (including machines, computers, software or any other automated systems) designed specifically to defeat the systems; or
(v) we determine that you are colluding or attempt to collude with other players in order to defraud or its customers; or
(vi) we determine that you are breaching any term of these Terms and Conditions;
(vii) we determine that you are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the conduct of our business; or
(viii) we determine that you are using in a manner that gives you an unfair advantage, for example basing bets on insight or professional knowledge about a sport gained via personal involvement or participation in the particular field of sport; or
(ix) we suspect that you have registered, manage or direct your betting activity on multiple user accounts in an attempt to hide your betting activity, bypass our set trading limits or violate any promotion Terms and Conditions; or
(x) we suspect that your account is being used for the benefit of a third party; or
(xi) we obtain evidence that by registering new accounts you have violated direct order not to continue your betting activity on our site. has the right to confiscate any deposits on accounts registered by users previously found in violation or disregard of previous warnings of the above terms and conditions.
2. You acknowledge that shall be the final decision-maker as to whether you have violated rules, terms or conditions in a manner that results in suspension or permanent barring from participation in our Websites.
3 Irrespective of whether we suspend and/or terminate an account and notwithstanding any other provisions in these Terms and Conditions, we may decide to cancel and void any outstanding bets at our absolute discretion where (i) there is a technological failure, or (ii) you or another customer with whom you have bet have breached any of these Terms and Conditions.

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